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Operator's Inconsistency on Area Code Numbering
Posted on 2003-12-22 02:43:18 - #Hits : 375

As time goes by and subscribers grow bigger, the Indonesian GSM numbers are also had been added to address them. The numbering order is also differ for each operator. The area code and digits length are changed automatically.

When the numbers are in the right order (when the numbers follow the order they are designed before), we can retrieve some informations just based on the number. The Indonesian GSM number is commonly 11 to 13 digits length which each digit represent information described below:

Digit Form628xxxxxxxx

Where :
Arepresent the Country Code (CC) where 62 is CC for Indonesian
Brepresent the Network Code / Operator Code (NC) where 8 is GSM Operator and some "x"-s are number
Crepresent the subscriber number, which possible the Home Location Register (HLR) or Point Of Charging (POC) information is reside there

So, where is the inconsistency located at? Both located at Network Code and Subscriber Number. We will see in the next paragraphs.

In the Network Code, the second and three digits are the operator code. Some operators use third digit to differentiate between their product series such as pre-paid card and post-paid card. Here the inconsistency begin. Telkomsel Operator is the case. They differentiate pre-paid card with 812 and 813 suffix number and 811 for post-paid. Over years, this design is odd enough, but then they allowed their subscribers to move from pre-paid to post-paid without any modification on their existing numbers but not vice versa. So we can not decide exactly that 812 suffix number is pre-paid ! But we surely talk that 811 suffix is for post-paid.

On the other side, IM3 operator is still follow their design, 855 for post-paid and 856 for pre-paid while others such as Satelindo and Excelkomindo do not apply the same design.

In the subscriber number, operators commonly spent about 2 to 4 leading digits for Home Location Register information purpose. It is a nice situation that we can guess who is (about) the caller based on its number when receive the call which does not listed on phone-book or address-book before take the conversation.

But the numbering seems to be changed now. As subscriber grow, they must preserve lot of numbers by prolong digit length for specific numbers. Telkomsel released their 813 suffix number which 12 digits length for total while 812 took 11 digits and 811 is 10 digits length only. So do the other providers, there is no different, they are also prolong digit length to fit their need.

All about it is not the main case of inconsistency, the the main inconsistency is that if some leading digits which represent HLR are shared with other HLR. This is the case that I can not accept, and I really disappointed.

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