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Posted on 2000-05-13 07:40:00, Last Update on 2002-11-30 00:00:00

General Information
Platform: Windows 9x, Delphi 4+
Source Code: Partial
Status: Stoped


Do you feel bore with your Windows Start Button Logo ? or maybe you just want to change its logo ? If you have tried WinBoost 2000 Gold Software or others software that have some function, you can change the "Start" text with your own text. Its look better than every day you see the "Start" text.

But, wait..Your own text is limited up to 5 characters, and you can't change your text properties, for example font name, style, color, etc. You can't change your Start Button face color too.

But with Start Toys, you can make your Start Button looks better. With Start Toys, you can change the Start Button properties! You can change the "Start" text with your own text, and you can change its color, style and font name. Start Toys can also change the Start Button Color, so your Start Button looks cool. I think this is an incredible program !

This program is Freeware, so you can use with no restrictions, no money to buy this (but if you want to, I'm very glad, Thanks), so feel free to use this program.

Figure 1. A changed Windows Start Button

What Start Toys does for you

In order to make your Start Button looks cool, you can manipulate Start Button properties :

  • Change Text font, including : name, color, style, size
  • Change Text alignment
  • Change Start Button color
  • Change Start Button Logo with your own picture
  • Restore original Start Button properties
  • Make Start Button visible or hidden
  • Make Start Button enable or disable
  • Open Start Menu.

Start Toys is also give you advanced features :
  • Stealth from Windows, both Taskbar or Tasklist
  • Auto run when Windows Start Up
  • Password protected.


This released Start Toys version comes with some previous version bugs fixed. This released version is also give you some features. So these items below are the changes:

  • Version 2002
    • Beta version that support all version of Windows
  • Version 1.55a
    • Added installation and unistallation facility
    • Little bug fixed in this help file
  • Version 1.55
    • Bug fixed in Autoload feature
    • Bug fixed in Text Properties Dialog
  • Version 1.50
    • Adding help file
    • Adding Stealth mode feature
    • Adding Auto load feature
    • Adding Restore logo option
    • Adding Password protected facility
    • Prevent user run this program more than once
    • More friendly user interface
  • Version 1.03
    • Bug fixed in Start Button module
    • Change Start Button Logo
    • Manipulate Start Button state / Visibility
    • Prototype this program

 Available archieves
TStartBtn v1.0 6365 178 2000-05-12 00:00:00 Delphi component source code
Start Toys v1.55a 442912 383 2000-05-03 07:40:00 Binary and help files
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