About Me, My Occupacy, Experience, etc.

About my self..
Well, my name is Bayu Prasetio, I think it is very short and you can easily remember it. I'm Indonesian. I live in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, since about December 1998. You can open my Photo Gallery to see my face, my activities or whatever there.

About my occupacy..
Well, I work as Software Engineer on large area: from destkop to server environment, from stand-alone to networked scope, from stand-alone to client/server to multi-tier topology and from personal to commercial and to corporate purpose.

Sometimes I help people solve their computer related problems, share knowledge on mailing list and forums, etc.

About my times and free times..
Sometimes, I spent my time for learning related things about computer and its technologies, including communication technology. I also write some articles and books about computer related. Watch TV, movies and play games are alternate things should to do when was boring.

About my experience..
Well, it is difficult thing to say. But I can say that I ever learned about some computer languages such as Pascal / Delphi, BASIC / VB / VBA / VBScript, C / C++, Assembly 8086, Java / Javascript, FORTRAN, Clipper, ASP, PHP, HTML, and so on. Currently I'm using Delphi7 and PHP4 to develop my current projects.

From the database point of view, I just ever learn very little, XBase is the first, followed by MS Access, MS SQL Server and currently I learn about mySQL.

Meanwhile, in the operating system side, I ever learned and used just a little, they are DOS (IBM-DOS, MS-DOS), MS-Windows (3.x, 9x/ME, NT/2000/XP/2003), Mac OS (7/8), BeOS (Professional R5), Symbian 7 (UIQ 2), Linux (Slackware 7/9, Redhat 7/8/9, Mandrake 8/9 and Knoppix 3.x - the best Live Linux ever).

I can also say that I ever learned just a few things about computer hardware such as processor, memory, I/O, chipset, and etc.

Testing, troubleshooting, and searching for lack of software are also nice things to do, but unfortunatelly I have no enough time to do them all.

About other things..
So, those a couple bit of me. If you want to know something else, you can send your questions or maybe suggestions, critics or whatever you want.
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