Evolution of My Site
Evolution of My Site - When the Impovement Goes

The story goes..
Beginning I knew the World Wide Web meaning of, it was about on 1996, I've learnt many things about web design. The first thing, of course, I learned the very old HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) version (v2.xx and v3.xx). I also learned JavaScript (v1.0), the Java programming, and the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) in order to make my site more interactive.

On 1997, I hosted my site at Angelfire the first my free web hoster. It was very simple site and unfortunatelly, I can not remember the content, and also my user ID and password!

During 1998, I moved my site to Geocities, which may be you have knew, Geocities has been merged by Yahoo! become Yahoo!Geocities. My site has developed and changed for several times, once more, I can not remember how many times my site has changed.

Because Yahoo!Geocities does not allow me to use my own CGI (at that time!), on 2000, I've decided to move my site to Brinkster (the past name was called EWebCity) which allow me to use MS Access Database and ASP (Active Server Pages) as server side scripting language.

November 2003, I efectively build my site from scratch using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), host to new server and bought new domain name. The older version it self is still remain. More improvements and optimization done to produce robust and fast web page.

And the version has changed..
Well, I have collected some my site layouts, not all, because I have searched my first web site version but I could not find them. So here the version I have collected.

Web Version 1 & 2
This version is dated on October 07, 2000. This site arranged by frames with 3 pages. In the top left side, I used Java SiteMap class to explore the pages, and Scroller Text class to display the message or news.

The top right side is used to display the page you've navigated, and the bottom side contains some icons to inform you what this site best viewed with, powered with, designed in and the site counter.

Web Version 3
This version is dated on March 17, 2001. This version is very different from previous version. This page used Scrollable Page through Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to navigate the page, not through the frame!.

This page is divided into 4 section. The first section is DHTML Menubar, the second section is the scrollable page you want to navigate, the third section is navigation control (up, down, left and right button) and site counter, and the last section is status bar that indicate the last update and copyright. It also contain a java class to display the real time exchange rate.

Another feature is Guestbook. In the previous version, my site has no guestbook and I can not get some useful information about my site from you, the visitors. This version is also has feature to add my site to your Microsoft Internet Explorer Bookmark.

Web Version 3.5
This version is dated on April 07, 2001. This version add For Your Mind Only section which provides you some trick and tips about computer, programming and other related areas. Its also remove the real time exchange rate java class for better performance.

Web Version 4
This version is dated on July 08, 2001. This version add Cracking BIOS Password article in For Your Mind Only section. Another features changed are convertion from text format to MS Access Database in Download Counter module and new Page Hit Counter module with of course MS Access Database. Page Hit Counter allow me to track how many people read or access each page in my site. Its useful to know the favourite pages in my site.

Web Version 5
This version is dated on November 04, 2001. This version is add some new sections. They are Evolution of This Site, and About This Site. This version is also improve the user interface by remove DHTML Scrollable Page and hide Page Hit Counter.

Web Version 7
This version is dated on November 30, 2002, is my 7th web generation. This is the radical changes version of my website. This version used my own CMS (Content Management System) to display the informations to the visitors.

This version generation changes for several times. This generation is also bring my page to be very 'in the wild'. On February 2003, I plugged neat features to track my visitors, like session to track how long they visit my pages, address referal, etc. I created these features because as free member of Brinkster, I didnt get any useful features, I just got bandwidth monitor, which frequently reach its limit everyday. So I created my own visitor tracker, and below the result.

I got 33.000+ visitors (and still) counted from February 2003 until Med November 2003. It means about 120+ visitors per day. WOW, this is sound great for me, I dont know how it sounds for you. I also track how many active visitors. I ever counted there are 15 visitors active during 30 minutes. Once more, this is sound great for me, and I dont know how it sounds for you. :)

Based on my tracker, most of them are came from search engine, they are Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and other addresses which use at least Google engine to query my pages based on their criterias. The most criterias they queried are about BIOS cracking, power consumption, processor wattage, change start button and IMEI code.

I also got nice comments about the contents and web layout I've provided, signed in my guestbook, you can read them too. I really, really apreciate them.

Web Version 9
Moved to the 9th web generation, totally built new version, written in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Built to simplify navigation, contents reading, new cool look but keep the speed to load the pages still fast and faster. I hope this new version is still be 'in the wild' and still grow up.

Web Version 2004
And here we go, the 10th web generation, the next improvement, totally redesigned page. All pages are restructured, all unnecessary, invalid and deprecated HTML elements and attributes had been removed, also simplified from nested tables and javascript menu to pure CSS. These changes of course reduced document size. The documents are designed to meet XHTML and CSS specification. All pages had been checked by various tools and they are fully valid form.
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