Open Source Projects
Open Source Projects
Here we go, my collection of open source projects are available now. Let us share and exchange codes, knowledges and experiences to make a better life.

Code Repository
Latest version : 1.0-beta

Code Repository is a Win32 tool to organize and store your code snippets collection in a managed and structured place. Each snippets classified by user defined items, such as programming language, category, type of code, return value, etc. With support on user defined items, syntax highlighting, attachments and open source, this tool is different compared with others. This tool is written in Borland Delphi 7. More...

Latest version : 1.0-Beta6

COSBI, Comprehensive Open Source Benchmark Initiative, is a open source tool to benchmark your computer peripherals, including but not limited to processors, memory, harddisk and graphic card. COSBI is an organic project, means any tests can be plugged in and grow up with not much difficulties. This tool is written in Borland Delphi 7. More...

Latest version : Pre-Alpha

zDataPump is a tool to pump your data from database into different database format, for example from FireBird to mySQL. More...

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